Wednesday, September 8, 2010



A much needed day of rest after all the driving and chaos of yard sales and Knoxville. On this day I also, got a new iPhone, courtesy of the Apple Store in Green Hills, and accented it with a new case that Emily had first, but I don’t care because she doesn’t live here.

And we played with the Zoku popsicle maker. The pictures say it all. You’re jealous, and I know it.

And Tuesday:

I went back to work, but my dinosaur computer got replaced with a laptop and monitor. You know you’re growing up when getting more desk space makes you this excited. AND I can have two screen savers. Just wait until this new laptop gets it’s new battery. THAT’LL be a good day!

Not to mention that on Tuesday Adam and I had dinner with my parents, who abandoned me in Mississippi for the past 10 days! Talk about a good trip. Ten days is a nice little break. But anyway, they brought back wedding responses, wedding gifts from family, the wedding guestbook that the mail held (which drove me NUTS for the last week because I wanted it so bad), and a fun little shirt for me! It’s nice to know that your parent still bring you presents when they go on vacation. It was also the birth of my new obsession with Koi, who’s sushi is the closest I’ve found to Nama without being a million dollars at Wild Ginger.

My fingers hurt. This is like a hose… if I don’t talk for a week then it just all builds up and comes out at once. Remind me not to do this again? (For your sake and mine both!)



WE WENT TO KNOXVILLE! Now, ordinarily, I’d never put that in all caps. I don’t love Knoxville enough for all caps. But apparently, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Also, when you’re on “vacation” and have the liberty to do all of your favorite things from the last three years in a matter of hours, you really pack out your fun quotient.

Some things we did:

Ate at Firehouse.

Went to Market Square.

Bought a pea coat.

Got Christmas presents for my brother, my parents, and Lane.

Had white sangria (BEST. STUFF. EVER.) at LaCosta.

Saw Caroline Carter (!!!)

Bought $100 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear (me, not Adam).

Ate NAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Including appetizer, sushi, and desert.

And attended Boomsday… Which easily won as the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. Bryan Jones’s is a close second, in case anyone is wondering.

I’m not kidding you, this day sat nicely as one of my best days in awhile. I won’t soon forget it. Taking day trips with your best friend never gets old.



We had a yard sale. It’s weird that I didn’t take any pictures of the yard sale; I apologize for that. I think the reality was that maybe I felt weird enough being there that I couldn’t bring myself to capture it on film. Yard sales are really eye opening (or something like that), because you go through this stuff that you once used or once loved (or maybe never used or loved) and decide what it’s worth to other people. And so you price it lower than you feel like it deserves to be priced because of how much you liked it or treasured it, and then people bring it up to you, look you in the eye, and say, “Yeah, this thing that you priced at $2 because you wanted me to buy it, isn’t even worth that. Give it to me for a dollar or I’m walking away.” Furniture, clothes, TVs, whatever. It all gets haggled down to the bare bones and then people take it away. Now I’m not stranger to yard sales – I’ve had some and been to some – but when you really sit down and think about the reality of the process, it’s weird. It's humbling and kind of sad. It's a very clear reminder that earthly things don't hold a lot of value. And six dollars is too much to sell a pair of pants for… Unless you’re going to Plato’s closet… because they took my pants for six bucks. In your face, yard sale lady! Moral of the story, we got some nice bonus cash. Nice. Bonus. Cash.

Also on this day, Adam got the truck running. We’ve driven it around Franklin! Outside of having tires on it from almost 30 years ago, it’s doing great! Patience pays off.


Okay… this is like the ultimate blog fail. I’ll own up to that. It’s been over a week! Wah wahhh... Really the issue is that I have internet at work, but I also work at work. So when I get home and actually have time to do stuff (like blog), I don’t have internet, making it difficult. There was this stint where I was fitting it in between work tasks, but I’m just not having a lot of in between time these days! Also I’m planning a wedding. Anyway, enough with my excuses… Let’s do some COMPENSATING!

Being as the last time that I did this was a pitifully long time ago, I need to go back and look at my pictures to figure out what I’ve even done in the past week. Because yes, I did still take pictures every day… they just didn’t make it up here!

Okay. I just looked into it, and apparently last week nothing happened but a lot of really good sunsets. Enjoy those.

Now, let’s just get strait to this weekend… because we bordered on best weekend/string of four days of the year. Unfortunately, this past weekend only gets that position for about a month. So let’s give it it’s moment in the spotlight. I’ll be quick. Very broad strokes here! In fact, you'll have to read up for those. For the sake of not appearing crazy, I've broken this post up in to multiple posts. Additionally... I took these pictures of birds on wires on Eddy Lane. NUTS, right!?