Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Okay… this is like the ultimate blog fail. I’ll own up to that. It’s been over a week! Wah wahhh... Really the issue is that I have internet at work, but I also work at work. So when I get home and actually have time to do stuff (like blog), I don’t have internet, making it difficult. There was this stint where I was fitting it in between work tasks, but I’m just not having a lot of in between time these days! Also I’m planning a wedding. Anyway, enough with my excuses… Let’s do some COMPENSATING!

Being as the last time that I did this was a pitifully long time ago, I need to go back and look at my pictures to figure out what I’ve even done in the past week. Because yes, I did still take pictures every day… they just didn’t make it up here!

Okay. I just looked into it, and apparently last week nothing happened but a lot of really good sunsets. Enjoy those.

Now, let’s just get strait to this weekend… because we bordered on best weekend/string of four days of the year. Unfortunately, this past weekend only gets that position for about a month. So let’s give it it’s moment in the spotlight. I’ll be quick. Very broad strokes here! In fact, you'll have to read up for those. For the sake of not appearing crazy, I've broken this post up in to multiple posts. Additionally... I took these pictures of birds on wires on Eddy Lane. NUTS, right!?

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