Wednesday, September 8, 2010



A much needed day of rest after all the driving and chaos of yard sales and Knoxville. On this day I also, got a new iPhone, courtesy of the Apple Store in Green Hills, and accented it with a new case that Emily had first, but I don’t care because she doesn’t live here.

And we played with the Zoku popsicle maker. The pictures say it all. You’re jealous, and I know it.

And Tuesday:

I went back to work, but my dinosaur computer got replaced with a laptop and monitor. You know you’re growing up when getting more desk space makes you this excited. AND I can have two screen savers. Just wait until this new laptop gets it’s new battery. THAT’LL be a good day!

Not to mention that on Tuesday Adam and I had dinner with my parents, who abandoned me in Mississippi for the past 10 days! Talk about a good trip. Ten days is a nice little break. But anyway, they brought back wedding responses, wedding gifts from family, the wedding guestbook that the mail held (which drove me NUTS for the last week because I wanted it so bad), and a fun little shirt for me! It’s nice to know that your parent still bring you presents when they go on vacation. It was also the birth of my new obsession with Koi, who’s sushi is the closest I’ve found to Nama without being a million dollars at Wild Ginger.

My fingers hurt. This is like a hose… if I don’t talk for a week then it just all builds up and comes out at once. Remind me not to do this again? (For your sake and mine both!)

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