Wednesday, September 8, 2010



We had a yard sale. It’s weird that I didn’t take any pictures of the yard sale; I apologize for that. I think the reality was that maybe I felt weird enough being there that I couldn’t bring myself to capture it on film. Yard sales are really eye opening (or something like that), because you go through this stuff that you once used or once loved (or maybe never used or loved) and decide what it’s worth to other people. And so you price it lower than you feel like it deserves to be priced because of how much you liked it or treasured it, and then people bring it up to you, look you in the eye, and say, “Yeah, this thing that you priced at $2 because you wanted me to buy it, isn’t even worth that. Give it to me for a dollar or I’m walking away.” Furniture, clothes, TVs, whatever. It all gets haggled down to the bare bones and then people take it away. Now I’m not stranger to yard sales – I’ve had some and been to some – but when you really sit down and think about the reality of the process, it’s weird. It's humbling and kind of sad. It's a very clear reminder that earthly things don't hold a lot of value. And six dollars is too much to sell a pair of pants for… Unless you’re going to Plato’s closet… because they took my pants for six bucks. In your face, yard sale lady! Moral of the story, we got some nice bonus cash. Nice. Bonus. Cash.

Also on this day, Adam got the truck running. We’ve driven it around Franklin! Outside of having tires on it from almost 30 years ago, it’s doing great! Patience pays off.

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