Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Alright... I'm behind. I admit it. But it was my birthday, and I'm pretty sure that gives me a free pass. I'm actually just all about milking birthdays for all their worth, including an excuse for my postlessness. Sooooo, as I've made abundantly clear already, Friday was my birthday. As a result, this post is pretty self explanatory, because it's pretty much just everything that I got, minus a few things. These flowers are from my parents, who despite leaving to go out of town on my birthday, still managed to come see me and bring me my gerber daisies (my favorite), a candle that smells SO GOOD (I think it's lavender apple something), and a giant chocolate chip cookie. That's on top of the stuff I already got last weekend (we celebrated both my mother's and my birthday last Saturday, where my aunt made this delicious pinecone thing with bacon and almonds and cream cheese... I can't even talk about it. I t's so good.), so it's really too much... but it's always fun to get something on your real birthday, so it made my day a little bit.

So after I saw them, I went and worked out with Mike Flynt (another post that I see in your future) (also note how dedicated I am to being fit) (also note how soon my wedding is), and then I got to open Adam's gift! Here, I want to call attention to the advantages of having a fiance who works at a sign shop. It occasionally has it's advantages, like the most creative wrapping paper ever. Also the most difficult wrapping paper to get into... being of course, that it's not paper, it's a giant sticker. It's actually great as a reusable birthday gift box... just tape the top closed next year and you can do it all over again. Basically, I loved it.

But guess what? THE BOX WASN'T EVEN MY GIFT! My gift was tea and a boiling pot. Now this probably requires a little bit of an explanation... but probably since we started dating I've been telling Adam that I want to become a tea person. He always mocked me or said something sarcastic, probably bringing to my attention how frequently I'm all talk and very little action... but one day (with Adam's parents actually) I just went for it. They bought some tea, and I started drinking it at their house... and then I bought my own, and started drinking it at my own house. And voila! I'm a tea person. Unfortunately, tea is pretty expensive (really good for you, but expensive), so Adam bought me some really really good tea! It's good. And a boiler, so that I don't have to transport mine back and forth from the office. The best part? Adam's a tea convert, too! The second best part? You use two teaspoons of tea leaves to make a cup of tea, and each of those two tea spoons (of this new tea) can get me six to eight infusions. So basically, two teaspoons of these leaves get me seven cups of tea. And the leaves keep for about a year in that nifty tin can. So I'm never running out of this expensive tea, is what I'm saying to you.

At this point, I have noticed that this blog is kind of long. My bad, I just love these presents, and I'm very grateful for them, so you have to listen to me ramble a little bit longer. To your immediate left you will see some Oreo truffles that Adam's mom MADE (that's right, MADE)... Jessie and I once tried to make Oreo truffles... they did NOT turn out like this. These are like, pro style. If you're lucky, you might get to try one soon. Who knows?

And as if that's not enough, they freaking bought me a ZOKU! It makes popsicles. It was on my registry, and I was dying to have it. Adam doesn't think I'll use it, but I plan on using it an unreasonable amount, just to prove him wrong. Anyone want to come over for popsicles? I can make nine at a time. And they're ready in seven minutes. And I can make them look really pretty. I'm hoping that because of this device, people will start calling me "Micah the popsicle lady" because I make the best popsicles around. That might be ambitious, but what's wrong with a little ambition?

And lastly, Adam's aunt and uncle got me this incredibly lovely ensemble. A super cute apron, which I intend to use when I'm a wife/homemaker, a tea cup for my new tea adventures, and a notepad book that you can't really see, but had a bonus gift in it! The bonus gift was a card telling me where my wedding shower will be held! It's in an art gallery in the factory, in case you were wondering. SO FUN, right?!

So anyway, there you have it. My birthday. It got even better on Saturday when I celebrated with my friends... that post is probably coming. I've got pictures for it at least! So to everyone who called, texted, Facebook posted, and anything else, THANK YOU! 23 is going to be a good year. :)

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