Thursday, August 12, 2010


This post is (again) late due to my lack of nighttime internet, but the big news of yesterday is that Adam has been working long and hard on making the New Day Coffee website new and awesome, and he put it up yesterday! Now I think that technically you're supposed to wait until the website is totally finished and then do a website "launch" at which point all the bells and whistles are perfectly functioning, but we're secretly ten years old and have absolutely no sense of delayed gratification... so it's up now! Yayyy!

For anyone who's confused a little bit by what this all means, Adam and I are roasting coffee these days. And by Adam and I, I of course mean Adam... who knows what he's doing. I watch him do it, nod along, and cheer at all the appropriate moments. And test the coffee afterwards and give my honest opinion, so that we know how to make it better.

The ultimate goal is not only to make our own coffee for our own enjoyment, but really to make coffee for everyone's enjoyment... and from what I can tell, we're making progress on that front. There are lots of elements that go into making a good cup of coffee, so if we don't like what we end up with, it's hard to tell exactly if it's because we don't like region that the bean came from, if the bean was bad to begin with, if it was over or under-roasted by us, if it was ground too finely before brewing (which makes it bitter), or a number of other subtle nuances that makes everyone's cup of coffee taste slightly different... even if you're one of those people who think all coffee tastes the same. But, as I've said, I think what we've come up with has been really well received, and we're proud of that.

And so here we are, setting up Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, and a new and improved website so that we can share this coffee with anyone and everyone. I don't know if it's something that will ever sustain, but even if it only ever amounts to a hobby that others can enjoy, I think we're both happy feeling like we're doing something that we love to do, and creating something that not many people know how to create. I mean really, it's so fun to smell that finished product after it's been sitting for awhile. We have one right now - Ethiopia Sidamo - that smells like chocolate covered cherries. I'm not lying to you. It's all kinds of amazing.

Also, feel free to check it out!

facebook: New Day Coffee

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