Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm a sucker for storms. Also I'm a sucker for the sky. If you've known me for any length of time, this is not new news. If you're my iPhoto it's not new news either, because (and I literally just verified this) I have 1,200 pictures (ish) of the sky hanging out in there. Sunsets, sunrises, clouds, sun, rainbows, storms, you name it. If it happened it the sky, I have a picture of it. Something about the enormity of the sky is totally captivating. I can find no other explanation for it other than God. I mean, I've seen sunsets that look similar to each other, but never have I seen two identical sunsets. And not only that, but how is it that one day the sunset can be beautiful and rich and made of seven different colors and the next day, the same sun, with the same type of clouds can set the sky on fire? It's captivating.

Even despite the colors of sunrises and sunsets, the vastness of the sky is such a metaphor for God. It goes on and on, and no matter what, you'll never get to the end of it. Get in a rocket ship and travel forever... there will always be more to discover. And pretty much 100% of the time, we can only see what immediately affects us. It's hard to get to know the God of a million light years away, but what we know about God is generally what we see from where we're standing.

As I kind of just said, even that it completely unpredictable. There have been a few times when I've been so convinced that the sunset was going to be phenomenal that I've gotten in my car and driven to the closest place that I know of that faces the sunset and is void of trees, only to sit and watch and find that nothing spectacular happens. Which is crazy, because how often do I do that with God?! I feel like He's building to something and I sit and wait eagerly, only to find that nothing really happened. What happened wasn't what I was expecting. It was great, it was normal. Usually a bummer.

Then there are times when storms inevitably break. Those are fantastic. A storm comes through and whips around trees and produces a crazy amount of rain and thunder and lighting and freaks your dog out pretty bad... but then it all starts to settle and the sun breaks through. Beautiful redemption.

AND, if you're not convinced enough, the sky looks different to almost everyone. People approach the sky at different angles and from different places. It looks different from my house than it does from five miles down the road. Just like how you see God depends on your perspective. Perspective doesn't only come from location either... the sky will look different depending on whether or not you notice it. Brilliant sunset or not, the sky is beautiful. But only if you stop to notice it. If you're too busy trying to get through that yellow light or racing inside to start dinner, the sky won't be as astounding... it'll become average. Standard. Part of your life's scenery, but not something you're awed by.

I could go on and on... the metaphors are endless. But then, so would this blog be... and no one likes an endless blog.

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