Saturday, August 7, 2010


(I recognize that this is my second blog post in a matter of hours. To clarify, the other one was from Friday, and I didn't have internet access until this morning. Also, I'm an overzealous new blogger. So just... be proud of me or something.)

I have secrets… that I can’t share yet because they’re premature. But I’ll give you a preview – God is REALLY COOL. And I’m a bad listener. But that shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

In other news… I had lunch with an old friend today! Her name is Andrea Vergara and she is awesome. Additionally, as her Facebook page will tell you, to type her name, you only use your right hand once – for the “n”. True story. Anyway, she’s just great… and she lives in Franklin now! So we’ll have much more fun.

Old friends are fun, which is kind of the bummer with growing up. Adam and I were talking about that the other day. About how it’s hard to connect with people once you grow up. Everyone gets set in an exhausting routine of working and coming home from work, and a lot of times there isn’t the opportunity to meet new people, much less the energy to invest in a lot of relationships. I think this is one of those things that you don’t know to value in high school and college until it’s too late. It’s very easy to take free time for granted. Moral of the story: whenever you can reconnect with someone who knows you, it’s worth the time. So I vote that you stop making excuses for not seeing people and suck it up. I promise you’ll enjoy it, and I promise that you’ll learn something.

In more other news, Adam and Albo (with the help of Dwight) are making progress on the ’54 Ford truck that they’re getting into running condition for my parents. It’s quite an adventure, and I’m happy to tell you that earlier today they “turned it over” and by the end of the day hope to “have it humming.” I’ll be honest (however pathetic it is) that I don’t really know what that means. Other than it means progress, and that this project is on the downhill slope, and that soon I can play with my fiancĂ© on Saturdays again! Seeing them work on this truck, though, has really helped me see the beauty of the process. The goal, of course, is to make the truck drive. But it’s the taking apart and reconfiguring and adapting that makes them so excited to work on it. At the end of the day, the truck goes back to Mississippi where it came from… they just love the time they get to spend doing it together and the thrill of making and running, working something from a sitting nothing.

This literally isn’t related to anything in this post, except that maybe I was taking it while the truck thing was happening, but just LOOK at how cute my almost nephew is! I mean really, he’s awesome. Just thought I’d tell you.

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