Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, as promised... the night after my birthday we went to the Bunganut Pig. Now let me tell you something, for all those who haven't been there... It's a GOOD TIME! On a little bit of a whim, because we'd only ever heard of it, Mason, Chaz, Jessie, Adam, and I went over to try it out and continue my weeklong birthday celebration. (Any excuse for a party, really.) So anyway, we timed it perfectly. Pay close attention, in case you ever need to celebrate a birthday and want the perfect way to do it. We got there at 5:30, enough time to order a drink or two before Happy Hour ends at 6:00. We sat outside, because outside at 6:00, they have live music every night. So we got a drink and the music started. And it was cooler out. Very relaxing.

This is where the bizarre part starts. We're only there for a few minutes when the Listers show up. They're just great, and we just plain don't see them that much anymore... and if their presence isn't enough (it is, though) they bought us a round of drinks! So nice! Also worth noting that Bunganut Pig has Landshark, which you'll remember is my fav-o-rite beer. Double bonus points to them for that. ...So anyway, back to the story. Then, a little later after we ate, Adam offered one of the two tables we were occupying to a couple that didn't have a table. For that gesture, they bought our table a round of drinks. I'm not kidding. AND THEN we (the girls) went inside where Mason joked that we should always come and take up lots of tables and then generously give them away to see if people buy us drinks... at that point, a girl playing pool said, "Or you could just tell them that it's your birthday." To which I yelled, "IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!" She bought me a birthday shot. Some "fireball" something. Crown Royal and cinnamon, maybe? Irrelevant. It was awesome. People are SO GREAT! Some times I forget how easy it is to make someone's day. It was really easy for them to make mine. The importance of generosity, whether with alcohol or anything else, can not be overstated. They all reminded me of that.

I'm definitely going back. Everything about it was so pleasant... just imagine how AWESOME it'll be in the fall! If you go though, don't order the club wrap. It disappointed me. Everything else was picture perfect. Including my friends. I love them. And I wish Emily was there.

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