Monday, August 16, 2010


So apparently I’m incapable of blogging on weekends, which is just fine with me because by the time the weekend comes, I’m really tired of computers and pretty much refuse to look at them anymore.

Which means that it’s Monday and I’m a couple of blog posts behind… NBD. What that means basically is that I’ve stored up all my interestingness (which, by the way, Microsoft Word just verified as an actual word) for one big post today. That’s pretty inaccurate though, because I have very little to say. Hope you didn’t get your hopes up.

This post is actually going to get a break in the middle of it, because I was just informed that in memory of Elvis’s death, the office is going to Chuy’s for lunch. …Because Chuy’s is all about Elvis. And it’s Elvis’s deathday birthday or whatevs. There’s actually an Elvis shrine in there, so if you want to pay homage, feel free. Also get a swirl margarita for me, because it’s taboo at lunchtime but I really want one. Also the picture of the day is our very salsa-y and jalapeno-y table. I’m stuffed.

Anyway, before all that happened, I was going to send a big hooray to my super fantastic and attractive fiancé, who graduated from college on Saturday! It was totally awesome, and a spectacular accomplishment, especially if you know the process that it took to get to this point. So I’m really proud. And I loved celebrating it, even if it meant sitting in a weird smelling basketball arena at MTSU and listening to people talk that sounded like the Charlie Brown adults for two and a half hours. We followed it with cake and family and friends… and those are always good days. P.S. The lady in blue was my favorite… I think she was almost as excited as me that Adam was graduating and they’ve never even met before! Seriously though, just look at her face… pure elation.

Also, check out that iPhone and super ultra zoom lens quality... you feel like you're there... don't you? It's okay. I know.

In other news, our wedding is rapidly approaching… and just when you think you can take a breath, you realize that it’s time for the next round of appointments and verifications and plans. I’m beyond ready for it to BE HERE already… I want all my friends in town, additional pressure off of planees, and most of all, to be MARRIED to Adam Hagan Smith and have a big party to celebrate it.

Also, I don’t think yesterday has a picture. So… sorry about that. But it’s my blog and I reserve the right to flake out when I’m having too much fun being silly and enjoying the weekend to remember. Deal?

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