Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Soooooo, here’s your post-weekend-blog-o-rama post. The moral of the story is: It went by too fast. As is life, I guess. But anyway, Saturday was pretty great… because not only did I get to have shopping playtime with my mom in Green Hills, but I also made a huge amount of wedding progress. Wedding progress like buying wedding shoes, making shower lists, and several other things that I have great pictures of but can’t show you, because it’ll ruin the wedding fun that is being planned for everyone. Don’t worry… they’re fun pictures, so they’ll make their debut sometime in October.

But basically, this post is an ode to all of the people who have put their sweat into making my wedding dreams a reality. There are times when this process is draining, but there are other times when it’s totally worth it… and this weekend was one of the worth it times. This isn’t a super long post, but it’s heavy with gratitude, and I hope it reads that way. To everyone who doesn’t have to sweat in the 90-degree humidity, listen to me talk out logistical concerns, or respond to my slew of emails, but does anyway… I thank you. I’m beginning to see all the pieces come together, and let me tell you… IT’S AWESOME. It makes me happy.

Also, sorry about the awkwardness of these pictures I've tried to insert, apparently I haven't mastered this skill yet. But anyway, these people are winners, even if they're less than thrilled to be having their picture taken. They love me, it's okay. A huge thank you to all of them!

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